Concert Schedule

May 29, 2020

Dear PCB community,

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and after considerable research and discussion, the band's Board of Directors has unanimously, and regrettably, decided to cancel the band's 2020 season.

We have concluded that there is no safe way to rehearse under the current public health situation.  The PCB is a member of the Association of Concert Bands, a national community band organization.  The ACB has a blog which was created to enable bands to exchange information and ideas about how to proceed during the pandemic.  We have been following this blog, and it has weighed into our decision.  Research in Europe and the U.S. has found that band rehearsals are risky from an airborne particle standpoint, and that any condensation drained from instruments should be contained and treated as hazardous.  Musician separation of 3-5 meters is recommended by German studies, with greater spacing among and around flutes.  Many bands in the U.S. have cancelled activities for the next several months, and others are searching for outdoor rehearsal space.

Our performances would also be dangerous to our audiences, but not nearly as dangerous as rehearsals would be to us.  The death rate from COVID-19 is much higher than we see with other viruses, but another risk, of particular concern to musicians, is that of lung and circulatory damage.  We haven't seen that risk quantified, but many anecdotal stories have been covered by the media.

In the Board's correspondence on this issue, every board member expressed strong regret about voting to cancel.  Playing in our band is very rewarding, but we must be very careful to respect and protect each other, and our audiences.  As much as we love to share our music with the community, we all feel that the Potomac Concert Band will have had a fully successful 2020 season if every member makes it through the summer without any lasting effects from COVID-19.  Many treasured members of the band are at high risk of complications from a case of coronavirus, and even the lower-risk members are at too much of a risk to take unnecessary chances.

We will miss seeing and hearing you this summer.  May you and yours stay safe and healthy during this time of uncertainty.

–Your PCB Board of Directors